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Kristina Schulz
Kristina SchulzUpdated 2 years ago

Automate repetitive work instantly!

MacroMaker is a free utility tool that allows users to automate repetitive tasks on their Windows computers. The program lets users create different commands, simulate keystrokes and mouse commands, and assign hotkeys to perform scheduled tasks. In fact, MacroMaker lets users automate any task they perform by hand. While the program is free, it does expect users to have some knowledge of such apps so they can construct error-free macros without much effort.

What is MacroMaker?

There are many tasks that you complete by performing repeated actions. These could be anything from pointing and filling cells in a sheet, clicking on files to open them in succeeding, minimizing repeatedly, and more. With the help of MacroMaker, you can easily automate these processes and free up your time for other purposes.

MacroMaker is a utility tool that helps users create complex commands or mouse and keystroke recordings. These are then assigned to different hotkeys or are saved to run as per a fixed schedule. While the program isn’t difficult to master, it was specifically designed for software developers and programmers, who need to repeat various tasks on their respective computers.

With the help of MacroMaker download, you can simulate a range of keystrokes, open pop-ups, play previous recordings, and execute inbuilt functions. All you need to do is create a complex command that the software understands. Additionally, the tool lets you save content available on the clipboard on different buffers available on MacroMaker.

Simple user interface

There isn’t anything special about MacroMaker’s interface. This is because the program hasn’t received an update in a long time and is still functioning on an old interface. That said, the tool is still pretty functional and offers all the features you would need to create different macro commands.

When you open MacroMaker software, you come across a window with a simple menu. The drop-down option lets you select different categories for each command, irrespective of whether the macro is from the system, mouse, keyboard, apps, or clipboard.

High-end performance

The best part about MacroMaker download is that it doesn’t impact the CPU’s performance and hardly takes any system memory. Instead, it saves time by letting users automate repetitive tasks via keystrokes and mouse events. For users who are unfamiliar with the program, MacroMaker offers various resources and tutorials so they can get better at creating complex macros.

Multiple uses

MacroMaker has various uses and inbuilt functions that can help you trigger different commands. For example, you can use the software to turn off or restart your PC automatically, insert text into the clipboard, change the size and title of any window, generate a set of random numbers, create a loop of logical commands, and schedule various other tasks.

You can use MacroMaker to create macro commands that perform different tasks simultaneously, by using logics like repeat, wait, and loop. The program also lets users manually add different commands to the automation script so the tool can complete complex repetitive tasks without a glitch.

In case you want to add custom commands, you can do that too with MacroMaker. All you need to do is enter instructions like ‘copy the image’, ‘reboot the computer’, and ‘launch a website’. You can even control the instructions by adding the value of X to different commands, such as ‘repeat selected command X times’.

May seem difficult

While MacroMaker is a handy software, it does have a complex interface that beginners will find difficult to master. The program expects users to have basic knowledge of script editing so they can create and modify macros without making any errors. That said, advanced and intermediate users will find all the functions they need to record and edit macros to their liking.

Are there any alternatives?

MacroMaker is quite efficient in following and executing user commands. However, if you’d like to check out alternatives, you should explore TinyTask, AutoHotKey, and Macro Express.

Should I download MacroMaker?

If you’re looking for a basic software that lets you automate different processes using macros as well as textual commands, you should download MacroMaker. The program has a simple interface that lets users construct complex macros to perform repetitive tasks using hotkeys. You can even schedule tasks so they get completed even when you’re not around. The only drawback of MacroMaker is that it isn’t suitable for beginners and requires prior knowledge so users can create different macros.


  • Free to download and use
  • Option to automate processes
  • Lets users schedule tasks


  • Not suitable for beginners

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